Directed by TONI HARMAN - 87 minutes


Three Minute Clip

This a good old-fashioned haunted house movie, with a bunch of students spending the night in a spooky mansion. Creepy games of ouija, and plenty of sexual tension lead us on to some gruesome deaths.  

This film was all about the atmosphere, so a lot of our effort was applied to letting the moments play out so that the tension increased rather than dissipated.  Cutting on set allowed editorial to offer continuous updates and feedback to production, so as the budget came under pressure we knew what could be safely cut from the script before it was filmed. We were also able to identify where some additional material was necessary, and make sure that it was written and shot. 

Credo was renamed The Devil's Curse for the American market.  The devil isn't in the film.  And no-one gets cursed.