Directed by PIERS THOMPSON - 25 minutes


Three minute clip

This is a calm, certain piece of work, which follows a woman wandering with intent through a strange and unpredictable landscape.  

LIN was a hugely rewarding project to work on, and it didn't surprise me at all to watch it gather praise and awards.  Piers, who also wrote the film, is a methodical filmmaker with an artist's approach to the medium, feeling his way through the process.  The material was in an ungainly shape when I started, and we spent weeks paring it down.  Scenes were removed or repurposed, flashforwards found and rhythms created.  It was a meticulous process that allowed a very special film to emerge.


BAFTA – Short Film Nomination

New York No Limits – Honorable Mention

Aesthetica – Best Drama

Mexico International Film Festival – Bronze Palm Award

LA New Wave – Short Film Honourable Mention

Raindance – Best International Short film