Directed by WILL JEWELL - 11 minutes

This intense but playful film has bags of ambition for a short.  It benefits from the totally committed performance from Luke Treadaway, as a guy suffering from the full-blown paranoia that he'll suffer a terrible but apparently accidental death at the hand of performance artist. Satisfyingly, the film delivers on his fear.  

The main body of the film is a two-hander between the young Treadaway and veteran geordie Tim Healy.  We had fun in the edit matching the relaxed and sly comedy from Healy with the youthful intensity that Treadaway gave us. Will - who also scripted - has a very clear opinion on how jokes should play, and we occasionally tussled back and forth on some of the details.  There's nothing more subjective than comedy.  In the end we were both happy, and it passed the most important test - getting laughs in all the right places when it played to an audience.  

Selected for New British Cinema Quarterly Touring Program & DVD Release