Directed by JOHN JENCKS - 89 minutes


Two minute trailer

The Fold is a very English film.  There's much unsaid, there's a great deal of repressed emotion, but the countryside is gorgeous and the music delightful.  Between them the views and the tunes stand in for the intensity of feelings that go unspoken.

John and I really delved into this piece.  Perhaps because of its quiet, implicit nature, there was a lot of options in how we could make it play, and we wanted to explore them all.  Our lead Catherine McCormack delivered a typically strong performance with real intensity as Rebecca, and she was accompanied by a first-timer (in Bulgarian gymnast Marina Stoimenova), and by a young veteran (child actress Dakota Blue Richards who turned eighteen on the shoot).  Dakota, although third billed, was given a lot of the lighter, friendlier scenes which the audience really took to.  We actually had to nip and tuck her moments to make sure everyone's attention was squarely on the main drama.  It turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

Winner of Best Editing, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematography at the 2013 Women's Independent Film Festival

Winner of Best International Film at the 2014 IFS Film Festival Independent Filmmakers Showcase

Nominated for Best Drama at The National Film Awards.